Location-Based Asset Management

Lookout AMS provides organizations with the ability to build complex networks of facilities, zones, and locations where assets are either stored or deployed for service. In addition to providing visibility of asset location and condition, Lookout provides a chronological listing of the asset’s history so that decisions can easily be made for resource allocation.

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Features That Matter to You

Facility Hierarchies
Build complex networks of facility hierarchies by assigning parent/child relationships between facilities.

Workflow Logic
Implement business processes by creating custom workflows to ensure that your business rules are enforced.

Upload Documentation
Upload supporting documentation so that it becomes a permenant part of the asset's history records.

Visual Dashboards
Visualize data in real time, and then drill down and leverage that data to get the answers to make real decisions.

Custom Reporting
Design custom reporting that reflects the data that is revelvant to you, in the format that you need to deliver it.

Access Lookout AMS from any device with a browser to ensure that you are always connected to the data that you need.

Covered From Implementation To Production

Professional Services
From project management to process development, VIO Integration can tailor your Lookout AMS implementation to meet your requirements.

Post implementation, VIO Integration can provide support via phone, email, or our online support portal. So sit back and relax; we have you covered!

Software Assurance
Want to stay up-to-date with the latest feature and update releases for Lookout AMS? We offer several ways to help you maximize your investment.

Product Integration
VIO Integration understands that your organization leverages several tools to accomplish your mission; this is why "Integration" is in our name!

Delivered On Your Terms
We offer several implementation vehicles to help your organization get on track!

On Premise
Lookout AMS can be installed locally so that you can take advantage of existing investments in your IT infrastructure.

As a Service
No IT infrastructure, no problem! Lookout AMS is also available as a subscription-based service in the cloud (SaaS).

Virtual Environment
Need infrastructure as a service (IaaS)? VIO Integration can provide a virtual environment for your solution.