Offering Our Products and Services

VIO Integration understands the tedious task that stakeholders have in determining value for each step of the implementation process. With that in mind, we have defined a process that allows value to be tracked each step of the way, and help identify and avoid potential risks for our clients.

Our Approach

As a products and services provider, we provide technical solutions to our clients that build value by delivering the highest levels of integrity and organization. By utilizing our PMP-certified project management team, we do our due-diligence to “dig in our heels” and really understand every client engagement so that we can design and build a strategy that allows our clients to accomplish their organizations goals; not just for today, but also for tomorrow.

Our technical approach to any client engagement is a three-fold endeavor:

   1. Understand and assess the client requirements

   2. Perform an internal feasibility study to determine competency to satisfy the client requirements

   3. Design an approach that addresses all client requirements; as well as other domain-specific hurdles that may arise as a result of addressing the client requirements

Understanding the Client Requirements

At the beginning of any client engagement, our Business Development team meets with the client to ensure that all stakeholders and points of contact (POC’s) are identified, expectations for rules of engagement are communicated, and that goals and milestones for each stakeholder are understood. Based on the unique needs, we will designate a specialized subject matter expert (SME) who will be responsible for gathering, compiling, and documenting known domain-specific information regarding the client requirements. To gather this information, we utilize our local team of SME’s, past processes from similar engagements, academia, and other industry-specific trade groups and organizations that we are members of.

Once the requirements are fully understood, The Business Analyst will take all documentation and present to our Operations Management team to perform a feasibility study.

Performing the Feasibility Study

The purpose of the feasibility study is to ensure that we can create value by competently fulfilling the client requirements with the highest levels of integrity and organization. This is done by performing a careful dissection of client requirements to understand the resources that will be required to implement and support these requirements; as well as assess our ability to provide those resources. In most cases, we can internally provide resources that can competently address the client requirements. In the event that there is a gap with what we can provide internally, we have a network of trusted partner-providers that can assist in ensuring that the client requirements are identified and addressed.

Designing the Approach

After the resources required have been identified, the Business Analyst will then begin building the work breakdown structure (WBS) for our approach. During this phase, the timeline and cost for the project will be compiled for each task and aggregated so that we can effectively communicate the scope to the client. While designing the project plan, special considerations are made for any goals and milestones that the stakeholders communicated to Business Development during the initial client meeting.

Once the project plan is complete, the Business Analyst submits the project plan to the Operations Management team to ensure that all requirements are addressed, and that all timelines and resource allocations are achievable by Operations.