Tracking & Monitoring Solutions
It's What We Do

Our Mission is simple; to help organizations keep track of the things that matter the most to them. Whether you are tracking human or capital resources, in an isolated facility or throughout the supply chain, VIO Integration provides solutions that help monitor the locations of those resources in real-time. In addition to location data, our solutions allow you to manage the life-cycle of those resources, giving you the tools you need to make intelligent decisions for resource allocation.

Location-Based Asset Management

Lookout AMS provides organizations the ability to build complex networks of facilities, zones, and locations where assets are either stored or deployed for service. In addition to providing visibility of asset location and condition, Lookout provides a chronological listing of the asset’s history so that decisions can easily be made for resource allocation.

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Passive RFID Task Automation

When used with Lookout AMS, InSite RFID allows organizations to natively leverage passive RFID for automated location tranfers, asset presence detection, zone access restrictions, and several other scenarios where a notification-based event is required. In addition, Insite RFID can be scaled over a LAN or WAN, providing the most flexibility for implementation.

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IT Infrastructure & Datacenter Services
At Your Site or Ours - It's Up To You

As web-based apps and services continue to dominate the solution landscape, partnering with a hosting provider needs to become a part of your strategy for the life cycle of your app. If you lack the infrastructure, technical resources, or simply don’t want to fool around with hosting in house, we have you covered! Lookout AMS and Insite RFID can be installed on site at your location, offered as a subscription-based service (SaaS), or be provided with dedicated infrastructure in the cloud (IaaS).