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Our mission is simple: to help organizations keep track of the things that matter the most to them. Whether you are tracking human or capital resources, in an isolated facility or throughout the supply chain, VIO Integration provides solutions that help monitor the locations of those resources in real-time. In addition to location data, our solutions allow you to manage the life-cycle of those resources, giving you the tools you need to make intelligent decisions for resource allocation.

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RFID Site Manager is a collection of enterprise-class Windows services that allow an organization to rapidly deploy real-time tracking solutions for improved monitoring of human and capital resources. RFID Site Manager interfaces with RFID hardware from multiple OEM’s, so integration into a new or existing RFID system is a breeze. Learn more about how RFID Site Manager can help your organization monitor what matters most.

Lookout Asset Management (Lookout) is a web-based asset tracking application that is used to manage the life-cycle of a resource. A resource is defined as either a human or capital asset that has a finite useful life, and can be a person or an object. When coupled with RFID Site Manager, Lookout can monitor location data in real-time via RFID tag reads and can also report on past locations for historical records of where the asset has been used. See how Lookout Asset Management can help provide the information you need to fully utilize your resources.


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RFID antennas propagate an electromagnetic field to help RFID readers sniff out, read and write to RFID tags. An electromagnetic field is a combination of electric and magnetic fields occurring simultaneously. Polarization is a property of waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation such as electromagnetic waves. Whether an electromagnetic field is Linear…

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As a Hosted Services provider for the SMB market, I always try to think of ways to build more value for my clients. Some of our services include MS Exchange email hosting, IIS web hosting, and MS SharePoint hosting; all on dedicated and virtual servers. I always did things like allow clients to pass larger…

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Hi, my name’s Felix, and I am the CEO of VIO Integration. I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years now! We started VIO Integration in 2010 as a Hosted Services company,and we have evolved into a Security company specializing in “tracking” stuff. Follow our blog, and join us as we continue to do what…

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VIO Integration announces its powerful communications platform that will serve as our online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting on a number of different communication channels. Whether it is a ticket submission via email or from the online portal, a live chat, a community post, comments made on a knowledge base article or more, our support site provides…

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Hello World (no pun intended for all you fellow geeks out there)!! My name is Joanna, and I am the Business Development Manager for VIO Integration. I’m looking forward to writing regularly on this blog, and hope that I can keep everyone engaged. For the most part, most of what I do is research-related, but…

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VIO Integration has partnered with Ayoka Systems, an Arlington, TX based software development company, to begin the task of taking their Windows-based RFID platform and bringing it into the 21st century as an open-source SaaS platform. Felix Caban, VIO Integration’s Chief Technology Officer stated “I think that Ayoka’s experience with designing PLC logic for hardware controllers,…

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